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Prepare beautiful presentations in a simple way

Imagine your best photos together, in super-produced videos with your favorite songs. Your PICNIST video will awaken amazing emotions in your family and friends. And why not? In their clients

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* The resolution of the video depends on the quality of your photos. The online preview is available in 480px. HD format will be obtained if your photos have at least 1920x1080px resolution

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Online in 480px

Video preview online with watermark in 480 pixels with up to 2 songs, 50 photos and 2 video clips (10 seconds each clip)

  • 2 musics
  • 50 pics
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Video in 1080 pixels with up to 5 songs, 100 photos and 10 video clips (10 seconds each clip)

  • 5 musics
  • 100 pics
Download Full HD 1080px

Video in 1080 pixels with up to 10 songs, 300 photos and 20 video clips (10 seconds each clip)

  • 10 musics
  • 300 pics